Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zoya Giveaway Winner Announced!

August is officially winding down, we're mere hours from September! I can't WAIT for FALL! YES!

August is over as is my August Giveaway ;) Are you dying to know who won the 3 polishes of their choice from ZOYA?!

Congratulations SKYLA91!

(you can click the image to enlarge)

Denniesha (the big winner!) has already confirmed and has chosen the following polishes from - Jem, Neeka, and Yara! Denniesha also has a nail blog, which you can check out by clicking HERE.

I hope you all had fun entering the giveaway! I will be posting Septembers giveaway tomorrow, it will be all about EYES! ;) And it WILL be open Internationally. That's all I'm telling.... stay tuned!

Thank you ZOYA for sponsoring such a fabulous giveaway!

Le Metier de Beaute GINGER LILY Creme Fresh Tint for Lip and Cheek Swatches & Review

I'll be the first to admit that I'm extremely timid when it comes to a creme cheek tint. They basically terrify me that I'm not going to blend it well, but I'll think it's ok and then I go out in public looking like Bozo the Clown.

I've had great luck with products from the Le Metier de Beaute brand, so I thought I'd give their Creme Fresh Tint for Lip and Cheek a whirl.

From the Nordstrom Website:
Crème Fresh Tints for Lip and Cheek create a sheer wash of color to brighten cheeks and lips for a radiant glow. Blended over make-up or on fresh clean cheeks, Crème Fresh Tints can be worn alone or together for a completely customized look. Dab on lips for a fresh stain; add Clearly Brilliant over the tint for a brilliant shine.

For some reason Ginger Lily looks brown on the department store website swatches, it's quite obviously not. The color is a pretty pink with a hint of peach, though on the lips it hits off much more pink (I think this will change based off of your lip pigment). The texture is extremely light and non-sticky. Crazy easy to blend. Since it's sheer I wasn't feeling like it was over the top on my face. I actually applied it lightly 3 times to get the color I wanted.

For application I tried a stippling brush from NYX and a finger application. While the stippling brush worked ok, I thought the fingers applied and blended the product much better. Plus the NYX stippling brush kept leaving hairs on my face and was all around awful to use. If you have a MAC 187 or another high end stippling brush, you may have more luck.

Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint retails for $28 at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman.

***This post contains an affiliate link... for more information please read my disclosure policy.

FOTD Featuring MAC Lady Grey Eye Shadow Quad and MAC Me Over

OMG, so we woke up this morning, turned the comp on... business as usual... and NOTHING WAS THERE! Upon further inspection a new user was somehow created, so all of our stuff is under the old, original user (currently I'm backing up with a pile of discs), but how WEIRD is that! Anyone know anything about computers? Does that normally randomly happen? Must I have hit a key or something that did that? Or is there a virus or something on here? Regardless, we're wiping the whole thing out and cleaning tonight. But I'd LOVE to be enlightened by the techies. I hate not knowing why things happen!

Okay, on to today's post! This will be my third and final look of items from the MAC Me Over Collection. This features the Lady Grey quad, which doesn't look so wow on swatches, but POPS on the eyes. For the two other looks, you can click the links here (I suggest a right click, open new window, so that you aren't navigated away from this page): Fun & Classy, Neutral.

For this look I used:
~ MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NW25
~ Lancome Dual Finish Powder Matte Bisque II
~ Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint SPF 20 - 1 Cream
~ Dior DiorShow Brow Styler
~ MAC Brow Set - Clear
~ MAC Opulash Optimum Black Mascara
~ Urban Decay Primer Potion
~ MAC Lady Grey Quad (Hazy Day in the crease and to smudge Raven Eye Kohl, Lady Grey on the lid, Tendersmoke to blend above the crease, All Races to highlight).
~ MAC Raven Eye Kohl
~ MAC Stunner Powder Blush
~ MAC Curvaceous Lipglass
***please note, clicking any of the above links will navigate you away from this particular page. You can right click your mouse and select "open in a new page" to remain on this one while you view other posts.

I love this look because if you saw me in person, unless the sun is shining directly in my eyeballs, they are completely brown. This quad brings out the green hints like you wouldn't believe. I've always wanted green or blue eyes, so this quad is about as close as I'll come to that.

I didn't buy the other quad in this collection. I heard too many bad things about it... did anyone here buy it? I am interested to see if anyone has anything positive to say!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 2011 JULEP MAVEN - Classic With A Twist

Well, I found a coupon code and signed up for another program. This one is called the Julep Maven Program. I've been reading a lot about Julep nail polishes, and have been interested to try, so when I saw a coupon code for $10 off of the normally $19.99 box I couldn't pass it up - $9.99 for 2 nail polishes (the as yet unreleased Alfre and a pretty pink Carrie), Julep Nail Therapy, a full size Julep "Facial For Hands" Glycolic Hand Scrub, as well as a sample of the Scrub and a Cream. It's a retail value of $76, so for $9.99 I'll take it!

What happens is, you sign up, and you do a little short quiz, and they pick the maven box that the quiz deems best suits you. The BEST part about this is that you can change it to your liking lol I did. I messed around with the thing a couple times to get what I wanted, and I'm pretty happy with the selections. When you sign up you can cancel at ANY time or skip the month if you don't like anything or just feel like passing. You also have the option to gift your box that month to a friend!

Here are some shots of how the box arrived and what was inside. I'll be doing separate reviews of the products in the coming week.

So, what do you all think? Worth the retail of $19.99? At first impression, I'll definitely be keeping up with the program for another month, to see how they treat the mavens after the initial launch.

If you're interested in signing up yourself you can click below for a referral code and I'll get $15 toward my next Julep order! Let me know if you DO sign up, they've been having issues with the referrals going through and people getting the credits.

Save $5 on your first order by using the code WELCOMEFB.




The program thus far appears interesting to me. I love trying new beauty items, and I must say I'm happier with my first month as a Julep Maven than I was with my first month of Birchbox.

MAC Lady Grey Eye Shadow Quad Swatches & Review - MAC Me Over

The MAC Lady Grey Eye Shadow Quad is part of the late August 2011 release MAC Me Over, in the Icelandic Cool section. MAC Me Over is a 51 piece collection that launched this month in North America, and in September internationally. Click HERE to be taken to the official press release.

MAC Lady Grey contains 4 exclusive eyeshadows in one of the new style 4 pan palettes. The shadows are All Races (Matte), Tendersmoke (Frost), Lady Grey (Satin) & Hazy Day (Veluxe Pearl).

Not gonna lie, I bought this palette because Hazy Day looked so darn pretty in swatches. It always makes me feel silly to buy a palette for ONE shade. Well, it IS pretty silly. Luckily, I ended up liking all of the shades together!

At first swatch, on the arm, I was extremely disappointed. I didn't even have the desire to write this post. The shades didn't wow me. I did want to do one more look from this collection, so I sat down and reluctantly started to apply the Lady Grey Quad.

WOWZAH. The shades look amazing together and blend very well. It's a bit sheer, but I think that will appeal to the masses because (even though the shades don't LOOK like they could all be worn together) if these shades were deep the more conservative makeup wearer might shy away from using them simultaneously. I'm anxious to share the FOTD with you, which will likely be tomorrow ;)

Holy cow does this palette bring out the green in my eyes like you wouldn't believe. I have brown eyes, but for some reason when I take the EOTD pics some green flares out... with this palette it's extreme green. Green and hazel eyed beauties will freak over this quad.

MAC Lady Grey Eye Shadow Quad retails for $38 and is available at as well as at MAC freestanding stores and counters. Lady Grey is from the Fall 2011 MAC Me Over Collection, is Limited Edition and is currently available as of its release on August 25.

MAC Teddy Eye Kohl Swatches & Review - MAC Me Over

Another permanent part released with the MAC Me Over Collection is Teddy Eye Kohl. Teddy is a MAC staple and one of my personal HG's. I've been using Teddy since I've started using MAC and cannot find anything I love more. It's perfect for lining, smooth and easy to use... and since it's a kohl it's amazing for the waterline.

A lot of people do complain that kohls migrate on them, but Teddy, an intense bronze, doesn't as much as you would think. Feline Kohl was always the worst on me for migration. Teddy will move underneath the eye a bit if you line under there, but it'll just make you look smokey!

I apologize for my little stub of a pencil in the picture. MAC Kohl's are much bigger when they're new, but I didn't reorder a new one yet lol

MAC Eye Kohls retail for $15.00 and the two colors released with the Fall 2011 MAC Me Over Collection, Teddy and Smolder, are permanent within the core MAC line. You can pick them up on or you local MAC counter or store.

Orly ROYAL VELVET Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Still weeding my way through my Kayla Shevonne 500 Follower Giveaway winnings I bring you Orly Royal Velvet. I decided to bust out an Orly to swatch because I have been on the hunt for the new Orly FX Mineral Rock Solid and can't find it ... grrrrr ... Hopefully this will bring me good karmas!

Royal Velvet is the shade of a glamorous bruise... if bruises could ever actually BE glamorous. This blue/purple duochrome shimmers and shines. The shade is interesting and dynamic. Three coats will give you full opacity.

Orly Nail Polishes retail around $7.50... more or less depending on the place you buy from (I tend to go to Sally Beauty Supply or Ulta for these) and the collection (the FX polishes are always more).

Celebrate Fashion’s Night Out with Color Club’s Mobile Color Bar

August 2011 - Color Club, one of the industry leaders in nail lacquer, announced today it is celebrating fashion in a big and colorful way with nail color, the ultimate fashion accessory. Look for the Color Club's Mobile Color Bar on Fashion's Night Out and you'll see why Nail Polish is the new ice cream!

We've taken our polish brushes to a vintage Good Humor Ice Cream Truck where we'll be serving up nail polish in every color of the rainbow, including a special limited edition *FNO Red. What better way to celebrate one of Fashion’s Biggest Nights, than with a formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, and paraben-free, perfect shade of Red. Match it with Color Club’s Black Fractured “Smash Hit” polish for the ultimate FNO-worthy nail duo.

WHO: Color Club
WHAT: Mobile Color Bar
WHERE: MPD, NYC @13th + 9th street
WHEN: FNO, September 8th, from 6:00 – 11:00 pm

A favorite of celebrity manicurists and nail color fans worldwide, Color Club is renowned for its high performance rich shades and exceptionally safe products. From the brightest neons, to glitter and French, all nail colors are vegan, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and paraben-free - and made in New York, NY with the best raw materials. Color Club products are never tested on animals. Products are available at

*A portion of proceeds from the sales of FNO Red will benefit the New York City AIDS fund.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Second Look Featuring Items From MAC Me Over Fall 2011

I love a neutral look, so I wanted to get this one posted before tomorrow when my Lady Grey Quad comes! Outre looks so awesome on the eyes, and shows up with much more of a brown tone than you'd imagine. I'm curious to try this shadow with Antiqued Fluidline on as a base. Teddy Eye Kohl has been one of my HG's for as long as I could remember. I really should review it because it is one of the best products MAC makes.

I hope you enjoy this neutral look from the MAC Make Me Over Collection. If you want to check out a more colorful yet classy look using products from MAC Me Over, please click here.

For this look I used:
~ MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NW25
~ Lancome Dual Finish Powder Matte Bisque II
~ Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint SPF 20 - 1 Cream
~ Dior DiorShow Brow Styler
~ MAC Brow Set - Clear
~ MAC Opulash Optimum Black Mascara
~ Urban Decay Primer Potion
~ MAC Carbonized & Outre Eye Shadows (Carbonized in the crease and outer V, Outre on the lid).
~ MAC Avenue Fluidline (top and bottom)
~ MAC Teddy Eye Kohl (to waterline)
~ MAC Stunner Powder Blush
~ MAC Subculture Lip Pencil
~ MAC Peachstock Lipstick
~ MAC Social Light Lipglass
***please note, clicking any of the above links will navigate you away from this particular page. You can right click your mouse and select "open in a new page" to remain on this one while you view other posts.

***I forgot to mention above, that I DID use Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow from the Naked palette to blend above Carbonized. I used this shade because it's been said that it is a (though not an EXACT) dupe for MAC Moleskin.

Cult Nails IN A TRANCE Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

Well, I WAS going to wait until tomorrow to post this, but I've gotten a large amount of requests to see the layering pic, so here it is a day early!

In A Trance is the last of the 3 polishes I bought from Cult Nails, and I'm already lemming their next collection, which isn't even out yet lol.

In A Trance is a stunning olive green with a fine golden shimmer. It was opaque in 3 coats and went on evenly and with ease. Not only is this polish beauteous on it's own... BUT it makes an excellent base for layering two other equally as stunning Cult Nails polishes...

(ring & pointer finger are with Hypnotize Me, pinkie and middle finger are with Always Winning)

Both Always Winning and Hypnotize Me look amazing when paired with In A Trance - BUT I really think that Always Winning and In A Trance are a match made in polish heaven. It's hard to capture in the photo, but in person it will really take your breath away (you can click the photo to enlarge).

Cult Nails polishes retail for $10 each, BUT if you follow them on Facebook and Twitter you'll be privy to awesome sales, promotions, and giveaways! You can purchase these on the Cult Nails website, or at

MAC Avenue Fluidline Swatches & Review - MAC Me Over

Finally! A MAC Fluidline I can sink my teeth into! Not since Graphic Brown has MAC released a Fluidline that I've wanted so badly. Avenue Fluidline is my new eye liner treasure. If I thought I'd whip through it quickly, I would definitely buy a back up. But there is SO much product in there it likely won't happen =\ right?

Avenue is described as a "charcoal black w/ gold pearl". I see it more as a dark brown with gold pearl. The gold is much more prominent in the pot but a decent amount does show up on the swatch, and even on the eye. I did a thin line when I applied and at certain angles the shimmer is still noticeable. Avenue is nicely pigmented and applied like a dream. For application I used a MAC 209, but it will work well with whatever eye liner brush you're most comfortable with. I adore the color and am REALLY excited to try it out with the Chanel Topkapi Quad! I do have a FOTD done up using this liner, which I will be sharing later on this evening.

I didn't purchase any of the other fluidlines because Dark Envy and Midnight Blues were said to be similar to the shades of Ivy and Siahi from Micky Contractor. I have Siahi and Ivy didn't get great reviews back then, so I was nervous to try Dark Envy. If I can test them out in the store I can always pick them up then if I like them or think they're different. Dark Diversion I bought with the Stylishly Yours Collection and ended up returning it. It was sheer and no matter what I tried and how I played around with it, it remained sheer. I don't know if this repromoted version is any better.

MAC Fluidlines retail for $15.00 each and are available at as well as at MAC freestanding stores and counters. Avenue is from the Fall 2011 MAC Me Over Collection and is Limited Edition.

Currently, Avenue (along with all of the other shades of Fluidline) is sold out on the MAC Website, BUT you can still probably find them at your local MAC Store or Counter. Call ahead to check on availability. I would do this quickly if I were you!

Cult Nails HYPNOTIZE ME Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

This Fall, Cult Nails released a collection entitled Hypnotic. One of the most intriguing shades, IMO, is Hypnotize Me.

(Pointer Finger - 4 coats, Middle Finger - 3 coats, Ring Finger - 2 coats, Pinky Finger - 1 coat)

Hypnotize Me is 100% a layering polish. The shade is a beautiful medley of green and blue shimmers with a sheer green jelly base. As you can see 4 coats is rather sheer, but it is SUCH an interesting shade. I layered it over a sister polish from this collection (In A Trance, which you will see later this evening or tomorrow) and it looked amazing, but I think it would shine at it's best with a shade like Awakening (a teal creme, also from this collection, but I did not purchase it).

Cult Nails polishes retail for $10 each, BUT if you follow them on Facebook and Twitter you'll be privy to awesome sales, promotions, and giveaways! You can purchase these on the Cult Nails website, or at
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