Wednesday, December 22, 2010

VOTE for my kids!!!!

Ok people, I need your help!!!!

Emily is having an AWESOME contest that both of my kids have been entered into. PLEASE go HERE and vote for Owen or Lydia to win.

If one of my kiddoes wins I'll have an AWESOME contest for my followers ;)

Voting is until January 4, 2011!

I would appriciate it SO much! Thanks, everyone!!

Laura Mercier Mini Kohl Update... Sad News

On Dec 14th I posted a review of a set of Laura Mercier Mini Eye Kohls. I'm back with an update. Some bad news. These things RUN like no other. I've never in my life had raccoon eyes like this. I normally wear Kohl liner from MAC and have never had anywhere near this issue. This blogger wore her glasses today too, so there wasn't eye watering going on or anything like that... didn't do anything so no sweat....
I'm sad to report these are going back. It's a shame, because the colors of them, especially the black turquoise on the eyes, are extremely beautiful =(

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chanel Black Pearl Le Vernis Nail Color Review & Swatches

Here it is... the soon to be 2011 Holy Grail, no one can find this, jack the price up on ebay, item!

That may have been a little dramatic, but Chanel Black Pearl IS still available and launching at counters as early as TODAY. My Nordies said they got the shipment last night and were unpacking for the counter at some point today, so I put an order in for the grey liner and the Pearl Drop polish.

This beauty I got on the day they launched it on there. I did NOT want to miss out. Ebay prices are already ridiculous IMO and probably going to get worse. Get this ASAP. The buzz is HUGE.

The pic is 3 coats of polish. Sorry I didn't prep my nails AT ALL before trying this... I seriously was too excited.

The color is like a murky grey green goodness. I've truly never seen anything like it. Sometimes it looks more green... sometimes more grey.... sometimes I'd swear it was a blackened turquoise.... it's just super neat. I really just said super neat.

Black Pearl is available at for $23 plus tax. It is LIMITED EDITION.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laura Mercier Mini Kohl Eye Pencil Set Review & Swatches

(please click pics to enlarge)


Recently Sephora sent out $20 gift cards to their VIB's and $15 Gift Cards to their Beauty Insiders. What to get with my $20 GC? You had to spend $40 to use it and $50 gives you the free shipping... so I had $50 to think about. I didn't really NEED anything (whoa, right?) but who could let $20 off go to waste?!

I have been on a MAJOR hunt for a grey eye liner. I am not happy with the shades that I've tried from MAC so I had to check other brands. I didn't see any I was into from Chanel or Dior (tho some will be launched with the Spring lines) so I started to look through liners on Sephora's site, starting from the top rated. Of course Urban Decay was up there, but I didn't like theirs either (tho there IS one I'm interested in, UZI, from their Spring line as well.. grrr).

Then I saw the Laura Mercier Mini Kohl set. A year or so ago I saw swatches of LM liners and thought they looked gorgeous. I had been wanting to try a few but could never decide which one. I eventually forgot about them until just then. Here's a SET with all of the ones I wanted to try! For only $32!

ONE Laura Mercier liner is 0.04oz and is $19. This set has FIVE liners at 0.03oz each and is $32. GREAT deal.

The colors you get in this set are (in order from left to right and top to bottom in the photos) Black Gold, Black Turquoise, Brown Copper, Black Violet, and Stormy Grey.

I tested the Stormy Grey on my eyes today and it's a great not quite black color. Perfect for what I was looking for! I didn't use primer or shadows or ANYthing underneath it today and so far it's stayed put. No reaction either! WOOT! I REALLY had to scrub to get this off of my arm after swatches too. So, while my arm looks like I have a rare rash disease, I'm impressed with the staying power. The liner went on smoothly and did not drag or skip on my lid.

This set IS Limited Edition, so I think it would be wise to jump on it while you can. Retail price is $32, you can check out the GLOWING reviews and purchase at

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chanel Soho De Chanel Highlighting Powder Swatches & Review

This is definately a pretty. Worth the price tag? Probably not. You can definately achieve this cheek with something a lot cheaper, but then you wouldn't have this amazing collectors item from the Chanel Soho collection.

The Chanel Soho De Chanel Highlighting Powders and Blush is a mash of 3 shades making it the perfect highlight. Or for my NW25 coloring, the perfect flush! As you can see from the swirl swatch, the colors blend and suddenly the palette isn't as pretty. In addition to the classic chic Chanel packaging it also comes with a brush, which I won't use for this lol One thing I didn't like was that there was no protective plastic between the powder and the mirror =( At least not on the one I purchased.

It's a fun thing to own, and wearing Chanel always makes me feel mature and fancy. I wouldn't re-buy if it was perm, but I definately think I'll go for a cheaper highlighter next time.

The Chanel Soho De Chanel Highlighting Powder is LIMITED EDITION. It retails for $65 plus tax and is available at as well as finer department stores.

Chanel Stupendous Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow Swatches & Review

One of the things I love most about my girl Natalie is her ability to make me spend money lol I really shouldn't like that.

Natalie is on a Chanel kick lately, so with her order, comes my order. Recently I picked up the Chanel Stupendous Eye Shadow Quad and the Soho de Chanel Blush Lumiere, both from the Chanel Soho Collection. The blush will be featured in a later post.

The Stupendous quad is gorgeous. Pictures do NOT do it justice. NO pictures that I have seen (even mine) have come close to the actual beauty of this quad. Murano is my fav Chanel quad but this one is seriously close to knocking that one out of the water. The shades of Stupendous are smooth, easily blendable and pigmented. Yes, even for the lighter shades, pigmented.

A Chanel Quad REALLY has to be special for me to shell out the $56. Hence why I only own 2. That should tell you something ;)

The Chanel Studpendous Les 4 Ombres is LIMITED EDITION and is still available at and several fine department stores for $56 plus tax.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale!!

Get 25% off at now through December 12,2010.
Plus shipping is FREE on orders over $15!!!

Unfortunately this discount does not work on the UD BOS III, the Naked palette (which isn't in stock anyway) and the Zero and Bourbon 24/7 liners. I have no idea why... but I guess it is what it is, and you can still stock up on some GREAT items. I would definately jump on this quickly, stuff seems to be selling out like crazy! Half my cart is gone already =(

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chanel Jade Rose Swatch & Happy Birthday To Me!

My bestie from down under, Natalie, is THE best Aussie artist. Period. This past week I got my birthday prezzie in the mail from her - not only did she send me the worlds most GORGEOUS Nail Polish:

(top: Missha Crystal Nail Polish, bottom: Chanel Jade Rose)

You can see the Chanel Jade Rose polish bottle here.

As for the Missha - I've never heard of it, but am totally enamoured with it. It applied so nicely, and the color is unlike any I've seen. I definately NEED more. PS - I have no idea what this color is called... the back says HKHO1... but who knows?? It ALSO says against animal testing. So thats a big YAY.

Natalie also made me (in my fav color, no less!) a gorgeous pendant and earring set. Totally my style, tailor made!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the jewelry she made. I told DH I need a date night to wear it so my daughter doesn't try to hang off of it!

also seen in that picture is Lucas' Papaw Ointment. From the back: "A local topical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites, and nappy rash." It is to help relieve and cleanse.

I plan on using it for my horrid dry hands in the winter. I'll keep you updated on how it compares with the millions of other hand creams I've tried! Between this and my new China Glaze Peppermint Cuticle oil my nails should be back in shape in no time!

Chanel Polishes & Packaging

ok... how PRETTY does Chanel package their items?!

Recently I placed an order with Chanel for a friend in Australia. This is the special gift packaging that everything came in for the holidays:

I only ordered a nail polish, Jade Rose, with the order, but Natalie picked up Riva!

(enlarge the photo to see the sparklies of Jade Rose and Riva... such FINE glimmers!)

Swatches do NOT do Riva justice. In person it is to die for. I'm sad I didn't get one too =( I'll post swatches of the Jade Rose but sadly Riva won't be included.... perhaps I'll have to order one of my own!

Jade Rose is available at for $23, for some reason Riva is $27?!

MAC 'Tis Noble To Give Viva Glam Lip Bag Pictures, Review, & Swatches

(click pics to enlarge)

One of the things I look forward to the most about the holidays are the holiday cards that MAC sells as part of their Viva Glam and HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. These are now sold out online (but I've still seen them in stores) - however you can click HERE to take a look at what I'm talking about. The program is called Kids Helping Kids and ALL proceeds benefit the MAD AIDS funds. I hope if you see these at your local MAC counter you will pick them up =)

And now, for the Holiday 2010 Viva Glam Lip Bag!!! I absolutely LOVE the style of the bag. The Viva Glam V lippie and lipglass included are perm, but the bag is LE. The formula and wear of the lip items are the same as you'd get from your usual MAC.... but I wanted to feature this bag on my blog because it ALSO 100% benefits the MAC AIDS fund.

From the MAC site:
"The VIVA GLAM holiday kit goes full-out tartan in a bag featuring a clash of red. M∙A∙C crest and the complementary duo of VIVA GLAM V Lipstick and Lip Gloss. This truly is noble to give - and receive! All proceeds go to the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund to help support people living with HIV/AIDS. Bag Measures: 5.25 " x 5.25"."

VGV Lipglass on left, VGV Lipstick on Right

This awesome bag retails for $36 plus tax, and like I said, ALL proceeds benefit the MAC AIDS Foundation. If you don't know, now you know ;)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Because This Pic Speaks For Itself

(please click to enlarge, it's better bigger lol)

I copied Wordless Wednesday from Emily because this picture was perfect for it! And while I have you here Emily is doing an AWESOME contest. If you have kiddies with awesome styling skills you definately want to head over to her blog and check this one out. It's on like donkey kong!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog SALE Time!!!

MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, Dior, Rock & Republic, Too Faced, OPI, China Glaze, Sinful, Mary Kay, Avon

** Message me on the LJ posting if you can, if you aren't an LJ member and don't have access message me here, but please know I don't check this as much as my LJ email!

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner Review & Swatches

I love these. There is really a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart for how stunning these eye liners are. Sadly, I can't wear them. This is the THIRD time I've bought them and tried. Something in the formula makes my eyes water like crazy and go bloodshot. My contacts fog up. It's just not a pretty sight. No other liner or eye makeup gives me a reaction like this. I've tried just using it on the top, just on the bottom.... it doesn't matter where I put it, I react the same.

The first time I bought these were the original release of Undercurrent and Black Line. Reaction. Return. Bought Undercurrent again, hoping it was just an issue with the batch. Sold on LJ sale. This time I bought Undercurrent, Black Swan, Lord It Up, and Black Line PRAYING the formula was still wonderful, but different enough that I can wear it. Nope. I tried Black Swan and Lord It Up and I was a mess both times. I actually had to wear my glasses for a few days after because of the intense burning in my eye balls.

These glide on smoothly and have decent staying power for such a soft liner. I scrubbed at my arm with a MAC Bulk Wipe and there is still some liner stainage.

For your viewing pleasure, and my memories, here are pics and swatches:
(in order from top to bottom in both photos: Undercurrent, Black Swan, Lord It Up, Black Line)

They are sparkly gorgeous goodness and they can never be mine. =(

These liners retail for $14.50 each plus tax at as well as MAC Stores and department stores such as Macy's, Nordstroms, etc.

MAC Sweep Me Off My Feet Brush Set for Holiday 2010

I rarely buy the MAC Brush Sets. The brushes simply aren't the same quality as the full size. You hear that everywhere, and it's definately true. The Sweep Me Off My Feet Brush Set ($49.50) is part of the MAC Holiday 2010 color collection Tartan Tale. If you're just starting out with brushes, or simply love the bag, it's a great item to get. Originally I wanted A Lady And Her Tricks but in person this one seemed more ideal for me once I saw it all in person.

From the MAC site:
Love sweeps you off your feet - so do these! The five most wanted brushes for that perfect application of powder or blush: the 129SE, 190SE, 212SE, 227SE and 275SE. Presented in a multi-tartan/black patent bag, with heraldic crest and metal rivets. Bag Measures: 7.25 " x 7.25".

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza Review & Swatches

Another day.... another glitter!!

I am absolutely in love with glitters. Sure, they're a pain to get off, but dang are they pretty. It's fun to stare at your nails glinting in the sunlight... bling bling!

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza was picked up by me at Trade Secret ($8.50 plus tax for each bottle). It was on my original lemmings list but I hadn't picked it up yet. I popped into TS with no intention of buying... but this is literally the prettiest glitter polish since OPI Mad As A Hatter. Copper and gold with maybe a few more light flashes of other colors... can't be beat!

Here is my swatch photo, though it does the shade NO justice:

AND, for those that celebrate, how was your Turkey Day?? We did a TON of travelling and visiting. I'm still not caught up on life lol

Monday, November 29, 2010

EBATES Reminder!!!

Before you do your online holiday shopping PLEASE remember to sign up for or use your Ebates account!!

I've been using ebates since 2008 and they send you cash back to your Paypal account or a check in the mail 4 times a year. It's pretty awesome.

Click HERE for my referral link and sign up today for cash back at places like Sephora (5% cash back), Ulta (7% cash back), Toys R Us (2-4% cash back), Borders & Barnes and Noble (8% cash back) and MORE!

The cash back percentages above reflect the amounts that are given back as of this posting, percentages are subject to change.

Monday, November 22, 2010

PhiBetaFit Giveaway!!

My bestie from STL is having an awesome giveaway on her NEW blog!!! Tracy is chock full of healthy information. You got questions about health and fitness? She can answer them.

Tracy is giving away two of Tosca's Best books.
Eat Clean Diet Recharged and her brand new, hot off the presses, Your Best Body Now!

Click HERE to enter! Contest ends December 9 so hurry!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick Gracieuse Swatches & Review

One of my birthday prezzies from Lindsay out in California was a long time wishlist front runner:

Full name - Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact in the color Gracieuse (05 - soft copper nude). Whew. Mouthful.

The packaging is super heavy, and of course (being Guerlain) super gorgeous. As you pull the lippie out a little mirror pops out for quick reapplication perfection. The color really isn't anything special. The formula on par with other high end brands. Not a horrid scent. NOT worth the $46 price tag. I think it's nice to have ONE. Especially if you can snatch it up during an F&F sale, but any more would be excessive. It's so fun to play with, but does finger print up easily. And, on a more embarrassing note, an acquaintence thought it was a pocket rocket. =\ So that wasn't fun. LOL

Guerlain Rouge G lippies are available at and fine department stores. They retail for $46 plus tax. Ouch.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OPI 100,000 Facebook Fans Contest

(click pic to enlarge)

OPI has announced on Facebook a new contest! They need to get 100,000 fans on there and they'll randomly be selecting 100 of them to win 6 "HTF" shades. I put the HTF in quotes because you can still pick them up in many placed lol but it's still fun to enter!

Click HERE to enter and make sure you tell them Brooke Pakulski referred you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

OPI Sparkle-iscious Review & Swatches

I did a lot of picture taking this weekend. Even though I didn't update (other than the giveaway winner!) I was thinking of your guys!

I turned 30 (dirty thirty) on Saturday. Feels like 29... no difference. It didn't depress me like I thought it would. I think a lot of people make turning 30 into a big drama fest, but really... it's like any other year.

The first thing I want to share with you is my birthday mani. I had fully intended on using NARS Zulu but my bday package from Lindsay in CA arrived and I dove directly on the glitters. OPI Sparkle-iscious to be exact!

I wanted to use this because it totally reminded me of birthday party confetti. It's a mix of blue, purple, and gold. I did have to do 4 layers and it still wasn't totally covering the whole nail, but I got a TON of compliments on it, and it actually wore better than most glitters. I'm pretty sure I need all of the others now!!

OPI polishes retail for $8.50 at places like Trade Secret and nail salons, but you can pick them up at online retailers as well, sometimes quite a bit cheaper.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

MAC Sinister Lipstick Giveaway WINNER!

(click pics to enlarge)

Happy Birthday to me means cool stuff for you!

Recently I had my second giveaway and today was the final day for entries. My Daughter Lydia picked the winner (after dumping the hat, and eating a few entries, she found one slip of paper that she deemed appropriate and handed it over!)

The winner is LUCISEK!!

Another International follower! Too cool!

I'll be doing another giveaway soon, these are SO much fun!! This time I'll need to do some sort of auto-bot pick tho, there were a lot of slips of paper to cut up this time around! LOL

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finger Paints Holly Good Time Swatches & Review

A biggie on my nail polish holiday wish list was Holly Good Time from Finger Paints. After my daughter got her flu shot today I ran out to Sally's with my 20% off coupon and grabbed up the last one.

I don't own any other Finger Prints polishes, so it's hard to compare it to those, but I thought the formula was pretty nice. The red and gold glitter is fine and covered well in 3 semi-thick coats. It reminds me of the holidays, all cheerful and glittery. If you enlarge the photo (by clicking) you can see how flashy it all is.

Finger Paints are $3.99 right now at Sally's!!! Go go go!

China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses & Party Hearty Swatches & Review

An early birthday presents arrived from BFF Tracy in St. Louis!!! She already sent me the UD BOS a few months ago but surprised me even MORE by sending over a few of my nail polish lemmings.

Pictured first is China Glaze Party Hearty 3 coats (top)

It is REALLY cool. Obviously meant to be worn over another color, but the red chunk glitter, green glitter, and very fine gold glitter scream Christmas time! My son calls it the Christmas Polish. It was quite easy to remove, which I was happy about since I didn't use a base coat.

Next we have China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses (3 coats)

Check your stash, people. You will not find a more gorgeous, glittery green. You will stare at this shade ALL day long and compliment yourself outload to the point of public embarrassment. What more can I say?

China Glaze retail for $6 usually at Sally's but you can sometimes fine them cheaper elsewhere and sometimes Sally's will run Monthly deals that include China Glaze. Keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NARS Cheyenne & Wicked Eye Shadow Duo Swatches & Review

During the Friends and Family event they had two (YES, TWO!) NARS Eye Shadow Duos on sale for $10 each, after discount $8 each. I didn't even bother looking up the colors for swatches, I just ordered.

Wicked is pretty ugly. I wouldn't have paid MORE than $8 for it. Based off of swatching it seems pretty sheer. I don't know how much I'll use shades like these, but it's unlike anything in my collection and may come in handy some day.

Cheyenne is much more gorgeous in person. The right side reminds me a bit of MAC Star Violet but less purple. I'm extremely impressed with this one.

Normally NARS Eye Shadow Duos retail for $32 each plus tax. Wicked and Cheyenne are still available at for $10 each. You can either click THIS LINK or (there is a bit of a trick to it) add Wicked to your cart, click it from your cart, and Cheyenne will show up.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holy Giveaways, Batman!!!

In addition to my Giveaway there are some other blogs who are doing a few giveaways as well!!

When you get the chance check out the following:
Bec's Beauty Buzz is giving away 7 Ozotic Polishes (sneak peek below)!!! Ends DEC 5

GildedNails is giving away the 2 new Deborah Lippmann Polishes!! Ends NOV 13

GildedNails is also giving away a bottle of RBL Catherine H! Ends NOV 25

Kitschy Suburbia is doing a HUGE giveaway (check out the teaser pic below), you need to see it to believe it! Ends NOV 27

Varnish Vixen is giving away a TON of cool prizes!! Ends December 5.

You can also always check my side bar (to the right) for a list of current Giveaways and Contests from the awesome bloggers that I frequent ;)

Friday, November 5, 2010

NARS Douceur Blush Swatches & Review

(pics are clickable)

NARS Douceur is a limited edition blush that was put out as part of NARS Fall line. Swatch wise, it seemed right up my alley. Therefore I took full advantage during the Sephora F&F sale.

The blush looks different because it's the first blush to be imprinted with the NARS logo rather than having the logo printed on the plastic covering. A lot of people remarked that this made the blush look like a fake. I actually like it better. The imprint DOES fade rather quickly, I've only used it twice and it's starting to disappear.

Quality wise this blush is top notch. Nice pigment, though not so much that you'll look garish. Smooth, applies evenly. I think NARS blushes are a lot nicer without the sparkle.

Pics & Swatches

Lightly Swatched

Really Heavily Swatched

I purchased my NARS Douceur from during the friends and family sale, but it is now sold out on their site. You can check your local Sephora and also purchase this at fine retailers such as Nordstrom.

One Lovely Blog Award

Wooo hooo!!!! I absolutely ADORE getting blog awards! What a cool way for bloggers to connect.

I received this award from my girl Polish Insomniac. Obviously she's extremely awesome for passing along this award to yours truly ;)

All you have to do is tag 15 people! I did some clicking around for a few and found some GREAT new blogs (who I am now following!).... check em out - in no particular order:

1. Kayla Shevonne
2. GingerKitty Designs
3. Magic Maid
4. Wife Check, Mom Check, Now What
5. Contests & Such
6. Body & Soul
7. Swatchcat
8. Birds Decorate Branches
9. All You Desire
10. Christopher & Tia
11. Nail Tailz
12. Never Unpolished
13. Getcha Nails Did
14. Beauty Vibes
15. Glitter Is My Crack

Kayla's 50 Follower Giveaway!!

Fab blogger Kayla is doing an AWESOME giveaway on her blog!! I almost hate to tell anyone because I NEED to win this ;)

CLICK HERE to enter - Giveaway ends November 25, 2010.
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