Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MAC Sinister Giveaway!

(pics are clickable)
With my first giveaway shipping off to Canada tomorrow I'm a little mixed. I'm so HAPPY to have been given the opportunity to have the giveaway and make someone elses day a little brighter, but I'm SAD because it's over! I've met so many new and amazing people and I don't want it to end!

So, I've decided to have ANOTHER giveaway! It's in honor of my birthday, which is November 13. I'll be 30! The big three oh! Three decades young!

Pictured below are swatches and pics of MAC Sinister Lipstick. From the Evil Queen part of the Venomous Villains collection, it is a Lustre lippie so it can be worn lightly or deep (as shown below). This lippie is one that anyone can wear and is versitile enough to be used day or night, depending on when you need it and how you layer it. This giveaway is sponsered by ME ;) because I accidently purchased an extra one at Nordies when I picked up my VV haul.

swatched heavily on top, lightly once on the bottom

worn lightly, with one layer

worn heavily (which is how I usually wear it)

The BRAND NEW lippie in the pic is the EXACT one that you will receive. Contest begins October 26, 2010 and will end on November 13, 2010 at noon EST. At that time all entries will go into a hat, winner chosen and emailed. Once the winner replies and accepts I will announce it on my blog! The giveaway is open to anyone! Anywhere in the world!

1. You MUST be a follower of my blog. Please leave your GFC name in the comments so I can check.
2. Leave your email address so that I can contact you.
3. TWEET about this giveaway! (leave a link so I can find it!)
4. BLOG about this giveaway! Either by doing a blog post or putting it in your sidebar (leave a link to your blog!)
5. REFER a friend! Tell everyone you can about this giveaway so they can follow and enter too! Make sure your friend mentions your name, each time your name is mentioned will earn you one additional entry! (i.e. 10 people say you referred them to my blog, you will get 10 additional entries!)

***each number will equal 1 point. Each point = 1 entry, the more entries the more chances of WINNING! All entries will be put into a hat and my son, Owen, will be picking the


contests and such said...

I am a follower via GFC as contests and such.
I blogged about your giveaway here.

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! I'm a new follower via GFC. I'm fisiwoman.

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/fisiwoman/status/28817161885

Ana Belén R.M
fisiwoman at hotmail dot com

Lolaa said...

I am a new follower via GFC - Lolaa

(came here after seeing CONTESTS AND SUCH's article on her blog)

and my email address is : ladyofthelaake (at) gmail.com

I tweeted about your giveaway here : http://twitter.com/#!/Ladyofthelaake/status/28829133911

Thank you for this nice giveaway, the shade of the lipstick you chose is absolutely awesome!

Agnes said...

I'm a brand new follower! ;) I follow your blog via GFC (my name is Agnes) :)

I put it on my blog over here with a picture: http://beautyvibes.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

my tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/BeautyVibes/status/28833701171

Email: Sweetfantasystar@hotmail(dot)com

Emily said...

I am follower! You best know my name by now, since I've been around for 21 of those 30 years!

Jo said...

I follow you through Google Connect as Jo Tee :)


H said...

Enter me! I love it!

I'm a follower via GFC, as H.

Thank you!

Jennifer said...

hi!i just stumbled upon your blog <3

i'm following via GFC as Jennifer.
tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dot) com


spifftiff88 said...

This would be amazing to have! I didn't get anything from the collection. Google Friend Connect: spifftiff88

Thanks !


Heli'♥beauties said...

hi, thanks for setting up a lovely giveaway
I'm your follower

NAme: Heli'♥beauties

e-mail: helenmok98@hotmail.com

URl: http://helibeauties.blogspot.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/musicmarshmelow
So i hope i'll be the winner.

I've added you to my right side bar.

have a nice day

ipehishere said...

Following your blog via gfc and your twitter ;]
i tweet here : http://twitter.com/Lollibunniee/status/28884436748

email me : ipehishere[at]gmail[dot]com
thank you , Fingers crossed ♥

Camelia said...

Enter me , please.
I love yours reviws becouse I like to learn new things.
I follow you via GFC under the name Camelia Andrasescu.
My e-mail : andrasescu.camelia@gmail.com
I don't have a blog.
Nice giveaway, thank you.

Nós said...

Hi. = )
Count me in. I'm a follower with GFC.
User - Nós

E-mail - onossobazaar@gmail.com


Contests and such sent me here.
= )

Andreia. xoxo

Monik said...

1. Already follow via GFC as Monik.
2. TWEET about this giveaway here.
4. BLOG about this giveaway here.


liz said...

Hi, gorgeous giveaway. Please enter me.
I am already follower trough google friend connecter name liz.
I spread your giveaway here http://pintaliztiirene.blogspot.com/2010/10/october-or-november-giveaway.html

Good luck for me and everyone :)

Anw, i also have giveaway, it is F21 statement ring.
Have time, or want to try your luck? Join it. Cause merrier is more fun.


Ashley & Amber said...

Oh my goodness this would be awesome to win! That color is so pretty! I follow your blog (Ashley).

lipstickncandycigarettes at gmail dot com

Ashley & Amber said...

I follow you on Twitter and tweeted the giveaway:http://twitter.com/lipscandycigs/status/29002295045

lipstickncandycigarettes at gmail dot com

Ashley & Amber said...

I added your giveaway to my sidebar:

lipstickncandycigarettes at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi! Awesome blog, and I love the lip color photos. My sister Ashley (above) told me about your blog/giveaway and I am now following you! :)


shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

rhaindropz said...

♥ I am a follower via GFC as rhaindropz
♥ rescueta@gmail.com
I tweet about your giveaway:
♥ http://twitter.com/rhaindropz/status/29048603322

hugs and kisses

my blog url: http://rhaindropz.onsugar.com/
hope you could blog hop on my page ^_^

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for this giveaway! I am now following your blog after I comment... hehe~

aly_4realz (at) hotmail (dot) com

Lucisek said...

Hello, I'm your follower Lucisek-Lucy's Stash

I follow you also on FB as Lucie Hanuskova

I tweeted about giveaway http://twitter.com/#!/LucysStash/status/29086438337

I blogged about giveaway(left sidebar) http://www.lucysstash.com/

lucisek dot beluha at googlemail dot com


Liliputian said...

Awesome lip color, I am a follower.

Len D

Saori said...

Thanks for this great giveaway :)
I am a follower via GFC : Saori
I posted you giveaway here : http://saori-s-nails.over-blog.com/pages/Giveaways--3019179.html
My e-mail : saori.nail@gmail.com
Have a good day :)

- Gates. said...

- First of all, thanks for this great giveaway! :D
- I'm a follower via GFC : - Gates.
- My email : carina_nina1@hotmail.com
- I posted about your giveaway : http://paintedgates.blogspot.com/2010/10/comprinhas-de-outubro.html
- O Bazaar* sent me here :) !

Thank you :D *

Clau said...

Hello =)

I'm your follower via GFC as Claudia Mendonça
Mail: rufigirl@gmail.com

I blogged about this giveaway here:

I tweeted about giveaway here:

thanks, Xoxo***

Linen and Silk said...

I'm a follower... I'm not sure if it will come up as Linen and Silk or Eileen Duffy... :)

melantha.chimera at gmail dot com

Thank you!

riotdontdiet said...

my name is riotdontdiet
mail : somegirlsarebiggerthanothers@gmail.com

Fellow Rover said...

blog follower via gfc as khrista porcadilla.

khrisocubillo at yahoo dot com

Fellow Rover said...


khrisocubillo at yahoo dot com

Elisa said...

Hi :)

Follower name: Lii

Email: lii.teeth.monster@gmail.com

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/SweetLii/status/29201434331

thanks for doing this :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect as shala_darkstone.
maddiemb (at) comcast (dot) net
Tweeted - http://twitter.com/shala_darkstone/status/29238919633
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Kat said...


I'm a follower via GFC

my email add is: katch05 at gmail dot com

Shaimaa said...

I am a follower shaimaa


TWEET about this giveaway


Framboesa said...


gfc name:framboesa

Anonymous said...


I'm a follower via GFC (kakau)karina) and my mail is kakau_karina(at)hotmail(dot)com.

I also tweeted about the giveaway here: http://twitter.com/kakau_karina/statuses/29385780207

Thanks a lot for the opportunity! ^__^

kimchigirl111 said...

I'm a follower! kimchigirl111
Email; rachel dot tanley dot gmail dot com
I tweeted: http://twitter.com/missapril15/status/29454696610
I blogged:

elise tan said...

Absolutely gorgeous giveaway you've got there! Love it <3

Now, I am a follower of your blog. Name's Ms Lizzie Lizzie. I tweeted about your giveaway:http://twitter.com/ms7may/status/29455671681
I posted about thins giveaway on my blog: www.lizzieness07.blogspot.com
Heres my email= liz.tan75@gmail.com
Hope I WIN,
Lots of luv...Lizzy

irdaawandiraa said...

aww MAC sinister <3

I am a follower of your blog under the name of Irda Wandira :)

hope I can win though !


thanks !

Elenita said...

enter me please!
I follow you via GFC as Elenita
Email: mijitapan@hotmail.com


JoanneDevian said...

Hi, great giveaway!!!

I'm your follower via GFC as JoanneDevian.
My email is asik27@onet.eu

Alexa1202 said...


I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

I would love to enter your giveaway.
I blogged about the giveaway here: http://alexa1202.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html


Nikki Warner said...

follow gfc nikki warner
scyren at yahoo dot com
tweeted - http://twitter.com/NailTalez/status/1079173913247744

Silverstargirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
too_busy_to_stitch said...

I'm a new follower too_busy_to_stitch. Tweeted too - you can see here
Email too_busy_to_stitch 'at' yahoo 'dot' co 'dot' uk
Thanks :)

indramcryan said...

I follow via GFC as indramcryan and my e-mail is indramcryan at yahoo dot com.
Count me in! ;)

Anshita said...

hi i follow you as anshita.
email: anshitajuneja at gmail dot com

Huguette E. said...

Following via GFC
henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca

hermetic said...

hi, I'm a follower on GFC under name hermetic, my email is hermetic2003 at yahoo dot com
I've put the link of your giveaway to my sidebar at my blog http://hermetic-blog.blogspot.com/

Huguette E. said...

tweet: http://twitter.com/henglish/status/2310778426228736
henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca

KIM said...

Hiya, great giveaway!
I am a public follower via GVC as KIM STAM

e-mail: kim.stamiris@gmail.com

thnx K. x

Thifa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Toesthattwinkle! said...

Im a new public follower under M.P.
email is pearlisthegurl@ gmail.com

Catita said...

cool! count me in, I follow you via GFC and Congrats on the big 30!!
PS: Come check out my first blog giveaway!

Rose said...

Happy birthday!!!
I'm a GFC follower with name rose.
My email is roseeeea(at)gmail(dot)com
I put this giveaway on my siderbar http://rose-roseee.blogspot.com/

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