Monday, May 16, 2011

NYX Sale Fail - My Thoughts

I'm sure most of you are aware of the drama surrounding the brand NYX and their unfortunate failure of a sale.

NYX offered a sale, where most of their products were $1.20, for their 12th Anniversary. As the sale went live they were still experiencing technical issues on their server. Rather than postponing the sale for a planned later time, they just prolonged it. Which really did nothing to soothe peoples tempers, seeing as how you still couldn't access the site for the duration.

Word is some people got through and got their items. Which is AWESOME for them to get this deal.

Here was my experience:
Sale launched at 3pm (my time) on 5/15. I sat down, list in hand... ready to go. Nothing. I came and went to the comp, refreshing, hoping... keeping hubby away so nothing got messed up... at 9pm I gave up and went to the living room to relax.

This morning I woke up at 8am 5/16 and went right to the comp. Site was STILL slow, but with lots of refreshing and cart double checking I was able to get my $75.60 order ready for checkout by noon. Checkout never fully loaded for me. The ONE time it did semi-load, but there was no where to enter CC info, and the extended sale ended at 3pm EST.

It may be a blessing that I couldn't enter my CC info, as I was reading on their Facebook page CC numbers were compromised? That may or may not be true, but even to HEAR something like that is scary.

Some things I've heard:
1. That NYX never had any intention of honoring this sale. The announcement and failure of this sale was more of an advertising ploy for their REAL sale, the later announced 50% off and free shipping coupon code.
2. People are getting hung up on when they were told to call CS, or a voicemail was picking up. From what I understand, people were getting the same canned response from CS reps anyway, so why even bother calling?

I sent an email around 1pm EST (2 hrs before the sale ended) and never got a response. I didn't really expect one, though. I was polite in my message. You can still be polite and get your point across. I worked in retail management and customer service for a LONG time... and you don't get anywhere being snarky.

How NYX Officially deals with this will determine if I will continue to use the brand. They are saying they'll be issuing the 50% off and free shipping code, but I REALLY, REALLY hope they do better. Their customers wasted A LOT of time and energy trying to utilize the website and at least 99% of them got the shaft. I have some NYX products here that I purchased at Ulta and because of this I really have no desire to even swatch, review, or wear them =(

I've emailed the Public Relations Department for NYX and will let you know if there is any "official" announcement. (EDIT - PR did reply back to me, that they would forward my email along to management and I would be notified of anything.)

To read up on the dramz you can check out the NYX Facebook Page.

Were any of you actually able to place an order? Did you get any email or response on the phone from customer service?
Please, share! Let's all be civil ;)

EDIT - this is a GREAT and mature video regarding the NYX fail!

EDIT - NYX issued a "note" on Facebook to their "fans and supporters. In case it's deleted, here is a cut/paste. I'm over the whole fiasco at this point, because I'm more geeked for MAC Surf Baby now, but this really frosts my cookies... they don't address ANY concerns or even apologize. Weak. NYX - this situation you've put yourselves in DOES exist. How about you confront it instead of turning a blind eye? It won't go away.
To Our Dear NYX Fans,
We would like to thank you for taking part in our 12 Year Anniversary 12 hour shopping event this past Sunday, May 15th! Our NYX team is overwhelmed with joy and thrilled with the massive response that this event has received. Many of you had the chance to shop and purchase your favorite items and we are well aware of the fans that were not able to participate in the event as they had hoped. Our site overflowed with beauty enthusiasts that generated a magnified volume that exceeded our expectations! Our servers were conquered by your beauty pursuit causing our site to collapse. Our team has been thriving to perfect our website and server to reassure everyone that this will NOT occur again.

We are very grateful for your support and passion for NYX Cosmetics!

Thank You,


AKB said...

Wow! By the time I got online yesterday I immediately heard about all the problems and decided to skip the sale. I can't believe that anybody would pull a bait and switch like that! So lame.

Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

AKB - I'm hoping it wasn't a bait and switch deal... the fact is we'll never really KNOW for sure either way. I think it's crappy hardly anyone was able to order from their big celebration sale and we're left with a consolation prize... that is no where near the awesomeness of the original prize....
it IS only makeup... but it's a shame they won't honor the discount for the people who were there since the start of the whole fiasco

Unknown said...

I never got onto the NYX website at all. I kept getting a message as though they were constantly updating the site but they never did.

LVMAKEUP said...

Wow that is so uncool...Nyx website almost is a rip off on shipping anyway. That sucks for the people who tried for hrs to get an order. My friend unfortunately got to the point to put her CC info and then nothing. That is very wrong of Nyx and is Horrible customer service.. 50% off, come on that is nothing for NYX to do, Cherry culture had that a week or so ago. They should honor the 1.20 that promised. I think they should be reported.

jEniB❤ said...

OMG..I am in the same exact situation...I've been trying the site since the sale started..couldn't even sleep yesterday thinking about getting up earlier to try again...finally got most of the stuff in the cart by 9:00am but I couldn't checkout any way. I am even surprised you went went pass checkout and got stuck on CC part..I missed 2 class, forgot to turn in my hwk, and my head was spinning during can NYX ever pay us back!!! If this failure really was to advertise for their 50% off..then did someone REALLY made a purchase successfully, or was it a scam too...

Anonymous said...

If this event means missing MY classes and my homework, building stress on my face and body, and getting upset and unhealthy because of it, then I would never consider even spending a second over it, let alone a day. It's pointless to even think about this. Some people are so upset over this, they think even the Japan crisis or a less developed country is not worth obsessing over and getting upset over.

Unknown said...

Absolutely ridiculous! It took me near 24hrs to even get items into my cart, and then like you I was stuck at check out for the entire day on Monday. I was able to submit my order by pure luck after the sale had ended I was pissed and left my loading browser up and went and did some things around the house, when I came back noticed the screen looked different and I was able to put in my info so I said what the hell I'll try and it worked and went extremely fast. Had I not left my browser open I wouldn't have been able to purchase a damn thing like everyone else. It was pure luck. It was the worst experience I have ever many hours wasted on something that should have taken maybe 30mins at most to get what you want and check out. Now they want to give everyone 50% give me a break!!

Ethan And Genn :-) said...

I was able to make two purchases within the original timeframe of the sale. It took me a total of 6 hours and the only reason I made two orders was to insure that my first went through before the items sold out, being that it was taking so long to load pages. I thought others were actually shopping :-( My process was excruciating... none of the pages would fully load and I couldn't even see text. But if I highlighted the whole page with my mouse, I could see some text and sort of shop blind. I didn't get any pictures to load and sometimes wasn't sure I was buying the right thing. Every page had to be reloaded literally 50-100 times before it would add things to my cart. In the end, it doubled my items in the cart but wouldn't allow me to edit, so I had to buy doubles in order to get my stuff. I've never bought NYX before and was excited to try them, but I don't know anymore. I didn't ever get lip stuff to load so I didn't get the lip sticks and gloss I wanted. They've sent me a confirmation email but have yet to bill my credit card, so I fear I won't even get my orders. I paid $15 in shipping and my carpal tunnel is killing me. Not a good experience. Not at all.

Shannon K-K said...

Oh I had to get popcorn out at one point because there were def two camps, one being supporters of NYX (this was in the beginning of course) because they were *trying* to fix things and the other camp being those that had been on line for houuurrssss to no avail. It was very heated and dramatic!
When we women can't get our sale price on a can get ug-ly! lol
Personally I had invested off and on about 5 or so hours in it, maybe a bit more, I stopped counting. However, I stopped completely when people were saying that they were seeing other people's credit card information and/or shopping carts. That was enough for me. I'd had enough. I knew that the whole thing to not be trusted.

The one thing in all of it that makes me look at them differently now, is when they said that after the sale it would go from being $1.20 to the half off code and free shipping. At least that was what people where saying. Then NYX posted over on Facebook that they would "announce" the code once the sale was over....never ONCE mentioning the fact that WE, the consumer would have to jump through any sort of hoops for a code. Then after the sale they come back and say "Oh well, now you have to e-mail us with your information for the code" never saying what information they wanted.


I've had enough. Doesn't matter how good their products are, I don't trust their business practices enough to trust their products.

Great recap on the whole situation! Hugs!

Ethan And Genn :-) said...

Oh, and they also won't answer my emails. They have to email anyone the 50% off code that was originally supposed to be posted publicly on Facebook at the end of the sale, according to NYX. Then they asked people to email for it and promised to send it out immediately. Now they say they will do it when they can. What the heck?

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